Wednesday, December 7, 2011

white blank page

it doesn't look like this anymore.
how much do you want to walk down that sidewalk and hear the leaves under your feet??
oh i'm so happy to enjoy things.
it's below freezing daily.
i've been deciding the past couple weeks how to control my heart.
i even hoped to be more neutral and numb like a normal person. someone who doesn't fall in love with everything and everyone. it hasn't been fun.

i give up. i would rather break every time than not feel at all.
how do people do it?

i sat listening to beautiful music and edited images today.
i was nearly in tears because the image was exactly what i wanted. i loved it.
i love my life. i love the details. the things i get to see. the talented and lovely people im blessed to meet. i love my testimony and the relationship i have with the savior. i love the snuggleness of this season. i love that chance i have to create, and to laugh. i can't help but fall in love every other second.
i'm doomed.

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csutherland said...

your photography is great. if you want to check it out i have a travel blog.