Wednesday, December 21, 2011


what is your favorite christmas song???

I've been loving michael buble's christmas album and seeing that local folk band, lower lights!

lower lights..

i've kind of realized this christmas that I don't really know the words to all the traditional christmas songs/hymns… so i've been listening to my lower lights album, and paying attention in church to learn them. it's been so fun. does your family sing the christmas songs??? mine probably lip sing them… so now im going to learn them.
music is such a quick way to invite the Spirit.

here is my favorite christmas song to sing this season..

i have decided on four new christmas traditions i want with my future family and home.
1. sing the christmas songs together ( i don't really like caroling) but maybe just around the house, at family home evening, have them playing. i hate cheesy, loud, bliarring bells, christmas music.. but i would love some peaceful christmas songs playing in the background…
2. reading, together, about the Saviors birth from the scriptures. maybe on christmas eve? maybe with a song or two? maybe with homemade fudge? yumm
3. a christmas party. i want to throw a christmas party a week before christmas with all of our best friends. dress fancy. have a big tree. make a fun fancy dinner and treats. a creative little gift for each couple. the kids in the movie room. maybe a lil dancing in my living room? oh, and a fireplace is needed.
4. the nutcracker. my sweet lucy took me to see the ballet last night. it was very magical. and beautiful. i loved it. we dressed ourselves up and enjoyed the show. i would love to do that every year from now on.. such a great way to get you in the christmas spirit!

i have been strongly impressed to remember that christmas is about Christ.
Born is the King of Israel. HE is the greatest gift we could ever be given.
If you don't know him yet, seek after him.
There is nothing more peaceful and comforting in this holiday season than to remember your Savior, your God.

Happy Wednesday. I'm off to the temple after i make some nutella fudge!

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