Sunday, January 9, 2011

the sweetness

im seriously sick. the kind that gets me all whiny and grouchy. and i'm really out of it. like i can't even think clearly. i've just tapped out for a couple days. i wish i got more work done instead of passing out on nyquil all weekend...

anyway i've just been thinking a lot about this:
i'm so very thankful to know the things that i know. i'm thankful to live in a place, with such a family/friends and have the opportunity to know that there is a God.
i'm so grateful for all the little steps and people that brought the gospel into my life. i'm grateful i created a place for it in my heart. i'm grateful for all that God has given me. i love that i can feel his Spirit and the joy that swells inside me.
i am a very lucky girl.

medicine is kicking in. goodnight.

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