Friday, January 28, 2011


today, at olive garden, a young mother sat with her husband and baby. the baby girl must have been about a year old. she was adorable of course. the mother's hair was about an inch long. the husband and wife were beaming. they were so happy. they were super nice. and they ordered whatever they wanted, as if they were celebrating. i watched them run into people they knew, and excitedly told them that they had just come from the doctors office and the wife smiled and said, "i'm good for another 3 months!" i over heard the word chemo treatments.

my heart ached. when i walked away tears filled my eyes. this poor young mother. the little baby. the horror that would be for the husband. and they were so happy for just another 3 months. people sitting at the table across from them secretly paid for their meal. when i told the couple, they were shocked and so very happy.

there are good people in this world.
it was so humbling to see today.


Marie said...

you're from California and living in Utah and single? My brother is at BYU (masters in mech. engineering), but from California and single too... hmmm... Love your photos and your posts!

desiredshots PHOTOGRAPHY said...

yes yes and yes. hook it up dear marie! as long as he doesn't listen to eminem, i'm open to meet the fella =]
and thank you so much for the compliments!

Marie said...

Desiree, Sorry to be such a stalker but I forwarded your blog to him and I think he emailed you through your professional website. You are such a talented photographer and No, my brother does NOT listen to Eminem (if he did I might have to disown him)! So if you get some weird email request from a dude named Ian, that's the guy.

desiredshots PHOTOGRAPHY said...

marie you are sweet. i got the email! i'm so relieved he doesn't like eminem. he stands a chance. =]