Monday, February 6, 2012

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i sat on a plane a couple of months ago.
a little girl and her father sat behind me.
she cried for some time near the end of the flight.
her dad turned to her and asked her to hush.
she covered her poor ears and wailed, "but i can't because the plane is hurting me too much."

that story is irrelevant. it just made me smile that day.

i have been thinking about the necessities people need/desire/want in this life.
i feel like the better we can understand people and what they want, the better we can be as a friend/family member/spouse/coworker/etc
needs like: feeling valued, loved, feeling like they contribute somet
hing to the relationship as well, feeling like they are heard, feeling like they are growing and succeeding, or feeling like they doing well, like they matter at all.

i found this writing in the back of one of my books, i had forgotten i'd written it while i was on that plane… :

i've learned SO MUCH in the past two years about myself, more so about relationships. I have become better at mastering myself, improving, taking a mature approach, understanding my feelings, accepting criticism, loving others, patience, choosing my words, communicating disappointments and expectations effectively, and about how to reach my potential. I feel that, more than ever, I am prepared to serve and love others. I feel more like an instrument in God's hands. I want to do his will. I am learning to recognize his will and I have the courage to act upon it. I am learning to surpass my ego. I am learning to admit defeat and be humble.

christmas morning.

i miss my family this weekend.
i have recently learned about people in my life that have little to no family. one has been cast out by family. my bum, dennis, too. i think this is just plain awful.
i wish i could change this. i don't think there is any appropriate excuse for abandoning and not taking care of your family. it hurts my heart that some people have to deal with that pain.

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Anonymous said...

What a nice thought. Thank you for sharing.