Monday, July 19, 2010

i wrote viva on the shower door

we went to vegas.
where it is 20 degrees above hades.
at this lavish hotel.
these are my friends burnt (but mostly me)
shes got model legs

the asian family was afraid of them
yes it was pretty
swan dive

he doesn't know what he's doing..
she lost ten bucks..

i found a rubber band in my 9 dollar onion soup
but we still had a good time.
not pictured is our bocce ball game that us ladies beat the boys
and the volleyball match in the sauna weather
and the stuffed french toast with hazelnut chocolate in the middle
and the jack in the box <3
and the $5 hotel water that zach opened
and the 3 hours spent at nordstroms sale
and the deep tissue massage by jay

the end

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