Thursday, July 22, 2010

a boy

i miss my danny j
he flew home to play with his best friend
he is the sweetest boy to me
and patient when i am a brat
and he tells me im good at things when im not that good
and he likes me with no make up and sweats (thank goodness)
and he always loves what i cook (partially because he would starve otherwise)
and he is funny
and i really love when he shakes his hands in the air because he is thinking in spanish
and i like his challenging questions because it provokes thought (not because i makes me fiery with rants)

i just like the kid

last night i couldn't sleep so i ate ice cream
and i studied different photographers and played through websites
i have a lil struggle within myself for the time (p.s. my roommate just made me a multi-grain tortilla with peanut butter and strawberries. i <3 her)

struggle::i would really really love to go art school for photography. really bad. i would be on cloud 9. but i also want to go to PT school equally bad, i am really interested and want to keep learning more. i want to be an expert in the field and know more than anyone else on the face of the earth. thats stretching it. but really. i suppose i could do both. if i marry a rich man. or one that loves me enough to make school loan payments for the rest of our lives...meh. i guess i will see when i am done. before this year i had never wanted to grad school or any other education. but that has changed
and maybe in a year this will change again too

i just did P90X yoga and it rocks. i need to go shower before math (UGH)
can i tell you how much i hate math 1050?
i cried as i studied for my test last week, then welled up with tears during the test
but i got a 77% on it so i'll take that!
so much for staying on the deans list

good day


mom said...

Boys are highly over-rated.

desiredshots PHOTOGRAPHY said...

its so true.
lame, lame

mitchel said...
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mitchel said...

Calculus is more enjoyable, just make sure you only take it from Christine Walker. She is the best math teacher at UVU...

desiredshots PHOTOGRAPHY said...

i WILL never take calculus. math 1050 is my last math class for the rest of my life!!=] thanks though mitch!