Sunday, February 22, 2009

the rare girly in me

i got on the computer tonight thinking that i had nothing to say.
found it weird that i havn't had much to say lately.

but i've had a splendid week of time off due to this terrible virus i have hoarding up my nose and throat.

but here i am writing. i've been inspired and touched by a lady. i don't personally know her. i have recently followed her blog through another photographer. her name is sheye. read this article of her blog if you get the chance. well worth a minute or two.

tears are running down my face. there is a combonation of being tired, the song that is filtering through my headphones, and the movie i watched yesterday. after read miss sheye's blog tonight, i am just overcome with passion.

yesterday i watched the movie
the dutchess
which is somewhat of a chic flick i suppose, but it is terribly wonderful and passionate.
the connection between the movie and sheye's blog about her poor lost daughter, is motherhood. i could go off for days in endless tangents about motherhood, like most things that i am passionate about. but after watching that movie and reading sheye's feelings today my heart just wants to burst. it's interesting because i am not yet a mother, and i could still connect and feel so much of the pain and sadness that these women endure.
the yearning. the divinity of motherhood. the impossible love.
i don't think there could be a greater role in life.
having children, being a mother, will be the greatest blessing of all.

i am inspired by sheye. her strength. for the amazingly talented and wonderful mother that she is. i hope i can be the kind of mother that she is.

"so you dance all night, and dance all day"


Alex said...

Not only do you possess the gift of empathy but you also possess the gift of compassion and of self-less love. It's a curse and blessing. You will be a mother some day and you'll be an amazing one. I know it.

desiredshots PHOTOGRAPHY said...

thank you so very much alex

i wish i could put feelings into words. better words. but i suppose that would reveal all mystery behind the sacredness of deep feelings. that is what i felt tonight. after rereading what i wrote, i realize, it doesn't convey an ounce of the eagerness and depth that i feel.

and those are great feelings that bring genuine smiles to my face.

and i smile as i write these words.