Friday, February 13, 2009

inspired by jewels

twelve years ago today

i was getting a valentine from the boy of my dreams
a soccer player
with bangs
and the cutest smile

ben whalen
its was one of those little cartoon cards that he slipped into my brown bag with a lamely pasted doilley on it

it had a squrriel on it
and it read, "im nuts about you"

it was the best day ever

twelve years later: i realize every girl got one of these from ben.... later i would grow to hate bens... hah.


Alex said...

haha. so crazy, twelve years ago I would've killed to be a guy like ben.

desiredshots PHOTOGRAPHY said...

funniest thing:
i ran into ben whalen the other day! right after i posted this.

hadnt seen him in years.
he works at the gas station.

no bangs anymore.