Saturday, February 7, 2009

in the palm of your hands

this morning, or maybe last night, i had a dream.

i was marrying the man of my dreams.
[people that know me, probably think i have this dream often, BUT truly--i never have this dream. it is funny that i had it at this time in my life.]

i usually dream this dream wide awake--where it seems surreal. but i had the pleasure of believing it for even just a brief time.
he had dark hair and he was perfectly imperfect.

i couldn't or didn't recognize his face. --i don't remember.
but his voice was sound. and everything was white.
it was my actual wedding day.

and he came to me that day, and the walls were blue in that room. and he asked me if i wanted to spend my night on the boat. that we would set sail and go whereever we wanted to go the next morning. it was comfortingly warm on my skin. and for that time, it was all so simple. he said the most perfect things; and most importantly-he meant them.
being in his presence was home and
the sweetest, most pure love i could ever want
as i watched him, as he talked with excitment, i thought- i am so blessed-

and as i woke up this morning. my birthday. i laid my 5 new pairs of shoes- that i bought myself as a pity party-across the floor. i remembered that it is those ties, those connections, the love in our hearts, the rooted friendships--that bring us forever happiness. things money can't buy.

go hug someone.
and relish in your dreams =]