Monday, January 12, 2009

dances with her headphones on

so welcoming in 2009 has been a bit of a delight thus far. a lot of change has been going on for me. and for once : i love the change. i've been inspired in such a way that i can't sleep at night and i nearly crash my car looking at scenes, at light, at people, at shapes, configuring angles and guessing shutter speeds. im in love. thoroughly in love with art and long runs and laying in bed an extra ten minutes before i wake up. i have photos scattered on my floor. i've been going through a lot of my old work, the first times i have picked up a camera. i'm sick of it, and embarassed by it but i am so pleased with the progress i've been making. i have begun a very fulfilling passion. with the changes and decisions and move that has gone on in the past two weeks, i feel rejuvinated. 2009 is going to be fresh and i can't help but feel like im going to be growing a ton. I am off of school this spring and summer as i am applying for various schools [with a kineseology major] for next fall. im overjoyed to take this time off to get my personal training certifications, focus on photography, and spend more time doing the things that bring me joy. im going snowboarding more, im going to run on the beach, im going to indulge in rich chocolate desserts, and i want to visit some place new. im ready for an adventure. camera in hand. i think tomorrow i will begin to apply to sj state, cruise the sj art museum, purchase a new pair of heels, and go to a zumba class.

smile. and go download music from the honorary title.

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