Monday, February 18, 2013

bad things.

i proclaimed this yesterday in sunday school, and i want to remember it:

every single one of us has bad things happen to us.  we feel anger or jealously or insecurities or frustration.   what do you do with those negative feelings?
some of us go home and have a glass of wine, some of us pull out a cigarette, some of us go sleep with a guy, some of us buy a lot of shoes, some of us view pornography, some of us hit things and scream, some of us eat a lot or not at all, some of us even consider suicide.
all of which are unhealthy.
all of which are done to escape, or alleviate the negative feelings.
all of which are temporary.
the one place that we can turn to for real relief and lasting comfort is God.
i believe that we will be happiest through our troubles when we dont seek relief from anything outside of God.

this may not seem natural or easy to do, but it is worth it.

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