Wednesday, December 15, 2010

this post is about nothing in particular.

"charity is a gift from God...your love for all people will increase, especially those among whom you will avoid judging others, criticizing them, or saying negative things about them." -preach my gospel

one time. on a sunny californian day, we hit a couple golf balls.

dad shows my sister what's up.

im excited cuz i actually hit the ball.
oh he's dreamy.

today, (yesterday technically) was an awful day.
even when i rested my head for a nap, i had awful dreams.
But it will be ok
cuz when i wake up tomorrow morning it will all be over

last night josh took me on a date.
yep. it was WONDERFUL
he opened doors and everything. what a princess i am.
the building itself is super cool, and the play was really really well done
neat. it was so sweet of him to surprise me like that eh?
maybe i would like to see another one of their productions later this year..

today i ate 10 werthers hard candies.
they're addictive.
i did not eat dinner today. whoops.

i think it may be snowing outside but really—i have no idea.
snow is really sneaky. i like that about snow.
you just wake up and scream, I HAD NO IDEA IT SNOWED!!
well, maybe not everyone does that.. but i most certainly love the mysterious quietness of a fresh blanket of white
i hope this happens in the morning.
so much anticipation, i guess i should be going to bed.

i've been thinking about a couple of things:
shooting film instead of digital
antique shopping
making a new portfolio book
buying things
making pillows
getting my hair dyed
missionary work
making fudge and peppermint bark
how i might fail chem
putting air in my tires

well. goodnight. i'm going to go make a list of things to do tomorrow.

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