Tuesday, June 29, 2010

an hour went by and i don't remember it

i should be asleep.
i swear im addicted to blogs.
my danny says to stop looking at pictures of other peoples kids.
i do my daily browse, get suck—get off track with their links, then browse my less frequent bloggers, then go through a maze of clicks to new photographers.
i just love it. what did i ever do before this?
i think of that fever pitch movie (where the man loves the baseball team so much, its his life, but baseball never loves him back). sometimes i think that. man, this blogger doesn't even know i spend an hour a day perusing their life. what a creep! wait, what AM i doing with my life?
ahaha. "stop looking at pictures of that lady's family. you don't even know them!" but...but they live here in utah. i like her! she's pretty. and she's funny...

i have that 7 am MakeMeCryOverMovies class tomorrow.
i can't wait. really though, i love that class.

i had 2 people today ask me if im a mormon. i said im LDS.
it sounds so weird, "a mormon".

i had another table ask me if they could have my address so they could mail me a tip tonight...
all they had was 2 dollars left.
i looked at her like she was crazy.
because she was. really? really lady?
moral of the story: don't go to restaurants if you don't have enough money lady. and don't give your address to strange people.

i have some great relaxing trips coming up and im getting very excited to get away. not that i haven't been loving the hikes and long runs here in utah.
but i need a breath of cleaner air.

i made a devils food cake last night. i ate half of it because my danny decided he's going on a diet that day. the kid is skin and bones i say.
my roommate is moving out and packed that darn can opener.
i haven't opened a can in a month. this time not because of my naivety.
i guess i should REALLY buy one this time.
i have been waiting a month to make taco salad.

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