Sunday, June 6, 2010

by golly

its getting warm quick.
i don't know why i always talk about the weather. silly me.

here's what im really classes by choice are forcing me to think about fat people and too skinny people and the social economic separation between the classes and the history of exercise in this country.
there are some serious issues here. 1.2 trillion dollars are spent annually on americans being obese. it is the 2nd leading cause of death in america (something you can change, prevent even when its already begun, yet still people don't-thats a thesis paper in and of itself). it is proven that you can ADD years to your life by engaging in physical active (this doesn't mean you have to run a marathon)-- brisk walks make a huge difference. And still i find mothers at olive garden, ordering soda for their infant that can't even speak (i almost understand it if the child is going to kick and scream for soda, but really a baby? a baby needs soda?). it baffles me and amazes me and makes me really angry. poor kids. from 19885-1999 the number of obese children DOUBLED. thats not every much time at all, and that is a lot of big kids becoming big adults.

i want to do something. this is why i study it everyday.

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