Sunday, February 21, 2010


how does this happen?
of course i was running late the other day
i can't remember where to
but i had to have a certain necklace, naturally
and when i go to snag it-- i get every damn clunky piece of jewelery i own with it
i don't put them in there tangled
i swear all my jewelry has a magical dance party when im not looking and really tie themselves up
like toy story
best movie
the necklaces are even in knots. they have to loop through each other and back to make a knot. thats simply impossible for immobile objects to do such a thing naturally

im flabbergasted
and amused
and super irritated
i need a conclusion to this mystery folks

its like the sock fairy
just one of the mysteries of the home that we'll never know

needless to say it took me 30 minutes to get my necklace free

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