Tuesday, May 1, 2012

your whole soul

you forget how powerful
you really are.

i've been doing a lot of forgetting the past couple of months.
and it is time for a change.
the seasons are beginning to transform.  the sun is lighting my skin and hair.  it is time to be a little bit better.

may is going to be a fabulous month of better habits.  new goals.  like bumping up my cardio this month so i get my body fat down, like eating more fresh fruits and veggies as snacks, like saving money and cooking at home, like reading my scriptures without fail each day, like being more selfless and thoughtful.

i feel that it is so easy to let negative thoughts into your brain.  the thoughts that say your fat. the thoughts that say you can't do it.  the thoughts that say youre not as good as she/he is.  the thoughts that tell you to stay in bed and give up.   these are thoughts that the devil himself does plant in our heads.

don't let him win.

you are powerful.
"the voice of the Lord came into my mind…"  enos 1:10
positive inspiration is of the Lord.
if you are anything like me, then these thoughts/words will greatly affect your attitude, perception, and will reflect in all that you do.  for good or for bad.
it is powerful to recognize this.  that you have control over filtering which thoughts you entertain.
and then how you will respond to these thoughts.
let them be good ones.

"self talk" is about allowing positive communication in your thoughts.  tell yourself you are powerful!  tell yourself you love yourself!  tell yourself you are beautiful!  tell yourself you are successful, needed, and of great worth!
because you are.

this type of confidence is attractive.  this type of confidence is 100% necessary to step outside your comfort zone and find success in career and other aspects of life.  this type of confidence shows that you respect yourself and hold yourself to high standards.  this type of confidence gives YOU the control, not your circumstances.  this type of confidence will make you happier.  i promise this because i have lived it in both scenarios.  the past couple months have taught me/reminded me to BE THE ONE holding the reigns.  I have been nudged and reminded to be the one in control and that happiness is completely a choice i make.
choose to BELIEVE in you.

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