Sunday, May 13, 2012

dorice michelle.

You don't realize how awesome your mom is until you grow up.

as i've experienced the world on my own, I've realized that MANY kids were not blessed with a mother that keeps a clean house.  many kids were not blessed with a mother that allows them to be who they are.  many kids were not blessed with a mother that cares enough to watch out for you & give guidance on how to "not get hurt".  many kids were not blessed with a mother who would sacrifice all their energy, time, money, and personal desires to cart them all over the state/country for soccer and for their school crap/dance/education/etc.

but I have been richly blessed with the best woman i can think of to be my mother.

As I was laying down to sleep last night I thought about things that I love about my mum.  I thought about how I could ever possibly attempt to be that kind of mother, and I realized something.  The only other being that could possibly love and sacrifice more than my mother has for me, is the Savior.  Her love and dedication and support and strength toward me is exactly like the Savior is.  Her love can only be compared to how God loves.

I am forever indebted to this woman to pushed me out 25 years ago and taught me how to be a good person, a strong independent woman, and a confident hard worker.  I cant even begin to describe how selfless and giving my mother is.  I often noticed it when I was younger, but didn't fully grasp the extent of sacrifice my mother makes for us kids.  She is patient and loving.  She has a good mind, integrity, and is wonderfully honest.  She is a hard worker, does not give up, and is dedicated.  There is something very sweet and special about my mom.  Her spirit is amazing.  Her testimony is the most powerful I have ever heard.  I love my mother with all my heart.  She is my best friend.  And I am forever grateful that I am hers.


mom said...

First quality: Keeps a clean house. hahaha, priorities. It's amazing to see your kids come full circle and "get it". I'm blessed to have you as a daughter. you've always been special in that "you" made me a mother and changed who I was. I'd haul your butt around for soccer in a heartbeat. (even now. just tell me when and where). It's been a joy watching you grow up and turn into an amazing person. Love you always.

Mom said...

I see you picked a good pic of Eric. And for the record, I loved every minute of hauling your butt al over for soccer. You were a joy to watch.