Sunday, June 5, 2011

salt water

we blog. he likes numbers. i like pictures.ya wanna know why it's gunna work?

if you guessed ...
A. Cause he's stinkin romantic with that fire goin
B. Cause he looks like an ace in church clothes
C. Cause he's a darn good kisser
D. Cause he's a mac lover

then you're winning the nobel peace prize dear friend.
how did i ever get so lucky?

yes, we live near salt lake but i'm dying for real salt water.
we will be going to the sea very soon. and i can't wait for fish in seattle.
i'm currently churning salt water taffy in my mouth. it's an exhausting chore really.
i got burnt at the pool today.
i read a little from my novel on swords and adventures to remote countries.
i washed my bedding too.

some times i feel like i can not keep up. this weekend has been like that. there's too much to do, too many people to call/keep in contact with, too many ideas/projects, too many miles to run. i just can't do everything. so i'm prioritizing and mixing it up. and attempting to maintain sanity.

happy birthday this past weekend to my lovely mum!! reasons why i really love my mother:
-she makes me my favorite dinner (and all the rest of her mad cooking abilities!! i like to challenge people to "my mom versus your mom" cookoff's regularly)
-for all of her time/energy/money/ and love spent on my soccer career
-cause she allowed me to become exactly who i want to be
-for all the endless phone calls and listening to me
-she's pretty with no make up
-she has always been my number one fan and supporter
- cause she is the most selfless woman i know
-because she taught me to believe in myself
-for enduring my awful teen years
-she always kept a clean home
-she tells me the truth (even if its brutal)
-for braiding my hair and curling it for every dance as a kid
-her laugh
-cause she eats healthy
-cause she passed her pretty italian skin onto me
-for spending a lot of money on my braces
love you mom!

p.s. mum, my 2 loafs of banana bread with no crisco sub applesauce turned out awfully bland. i'll be eating it anyway.


Jeannette said...

so im guessing this means you won't be coming to Idaho now?!?! well im not working right now so what if i were to come visit you? p.s. super cute, those are all dang good attributes!

desiredshots PHOTOGRAPHY said...

hahahaa yea no idaho =/ YES come down please!!
i'd love to hang out!!