Sunday, June 12, 2011

hello there

the Manti LDS temple

definitely the most stunning and breathtaking temple I have ever had the blessing of visiting.
i cried it was so beautiful.
i also cried for about 15 other lovely reasons this weekend.
life is so great.

life lesson no. 43
"my sister tells her husband how great he is at listening, getting things done promptly, making her happy, etc. and because she believes in him and positively encourages him—he feels the need to live up to that expectation and standard, and he really does." —young lady at church

this is brilliant people.
try it. serious. it works.

when i was little mom told me that i was the best, of all the children, at vacuuming. i had never noticed. but since she told me i was so good at it, i was eager to do it often and to really notice what a good job i did. forever more, i have loved vacuuming. pretty much this is trick psychology, but fortunately(/unfortunately?) it works!

sometimes i catch joshua telling me how much he loves something about me and i give him a sideways look… are you using reverse psych on me again?? either way, it entices me to really live up to that belief.

oh the pretty things a lil positivity can do!
happy sunday! i'm off to a pot luck & games with team awesome!
twice baked potatoes?! yes please!

my tall glass of water.


Layla said...

I was married there almost 7 years ago and when I first saw it, I cried too!

Did you take the first picture? I adore it and was wondering if I could buy a copy?

Jeannette said...

i LOVE that temple too! i remember when i first saw it thinking it was the prettiest of them all, just magical:)
um, can you say handsome in a suit?! way to go des!

desiredshots PHOTOGRAPHY said...

layla, that is so cool! such a dreamy castle! the sealing rooms were AMAZING! and i didnt get to see the spiral staircase but i heard thats wonderful too!

i did take that image, what is your email?

Jeannette, he is a babe all dolled up huh? =] come down and we'll go do a session together!!

Tiana said...

You need the skrilla and the world needs a killa.

You being the 'killa' of course...

Layla said...

The sealing room I was married in was at the very top of the spiral stair case. It was breathtakingly beautiful!