Wednesday, May 5, 2010

shots in the foot

i use to have anxiety attacks every time someone, particularly my ex husband, would sit on my off white suede (that IS spelled correctly..weird) couch cover. I would panic that it would get stained and wrinkled, like i couldn't replace it for 30 bucks... my apartment in long beach was only 500 sq feet. just enough space for His life size arcade game and a bed. THUS sitting on the couch was the only option...but still i always freaked out about it. i bet i will die younger over the kind of stress i put my body under. such a stupid and silly thing to even think about.
i really regret being like that and it still bothers me years later.

my password to anything is the exact same thing with a different boyfriends name plugged in for the appropriate "registration" period.

i love not wearing make up because i can wipe my eyes as much as i want with freedom and relief. and because my danny says im pretty like that

i always feel sad when a chuck palanuik book is over. especially half way through a flight when i have nothing else to do..

i just decided that i really want to run away today. i don't even care where and i don't even care about taking anything except my camera and a book.

i wished my retainer didn't hurt so much to wear at night. i'm tired of dreams of babies. and it's time for me to get a drink of water.
lots of photos to come soon. soon. when my computer starts being friends with me again.

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