Tuesday, May 25, 2010

hey mom

this is my front yard.
i like to go for runs-as im trodding along i pass several farms and ranches. one of them looks like a 2 million dollar ranch (home) and a couple acres of land. it is absolutely gorgeous. but this flock of cows apparently hibernate during the winter because i never even knew they existed (although i could smell them from time to time) until about a month ago.

sometimes in the middle of the night i am startled awake by the sound of one of them moo0ooo0-ing. so weird.

here's mah new hairdo.
the best is when people come up to me-saying that they love the new color-then (with a funny face) say they really did not like the blonde at all. it still is a mean thing to say even if it doesn't exist any more...haha

those are just pretty.

i'm almost done with my new website and im super stoked. I think it will be ready by this weekend. my next task is to design more business cards cause i'm almost out! =] eventually this blog is going to move to something more photo-friendly..

here's a funny thought from an earlier day:
most days-i have it SO figured out. i think i got it all going in the right direction. then this moment comes around when i realize im seriously bluffing it. I don't know what i am or who im suppose to be. i don't really know what i like and what i hate. it's all subject to change. i'm just making it all up. the improv life. where i can't make up my mind. honest. i don't really know what i want, and when i say that i don't really know what i mean.

i just ate a whole bag of dried mangoes. alone.
and it was real good.
i have a sugar problem
and a mango problem

my pasta water is boiling over..

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