Friday, April 2, 2010

standing in the rain

dear guy on the side of the road with the "the end is near" sign,

we know. and why are you wasting it so?

this young man probably around 21 stands on a busy road with this sign almost daily. its absurd. not only is it incredibly ironic that his sign says that the end is near and he is spending it on the side of the road, but he is largely informing a bunch of LDS folk, all of which are made aware that the end is near by a living prophet...he may have more success in cali...then i think why is he really doing this? does he love strangers so much that he feels the need to warn them? what does he want people to do in response to his warning?

hmm. he should be reading or being with people he loves or eating something yummy cuz time is short, so i read.

its a high of 45 today. sweet.

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