Friday, July 10, 2009

we, my friends, danced tonight. =]
owl city is the new antidepressant.
do itttttt.

do you ever think that you haven't really genuinely smiled in a while? likes its been casual, fake, everyday smiles? I don't think it's been THAT long for me, i know it hasn't. but maybe a couple of days. and today i had some genuine smiles despite my 5:30 am workday. and shakin it to owl city live in sf is just the cherry on top. you can't listen to em and not feel lighter. life is good. even when you think it's not. it's good. and getting better. i left tonight with a shirt that reads, "i'm a hoot". i can't wait to wear it.

so on the car ride home, before i fell asleep because i am a grandma, i wrote a poem in my head. and i started to like it, so i wanted to write it, and i thought of my texts, so i saved it in a folder on my phone. but i couldn't remember the beginning. i'm tired now.

shadowed stars
the strain, it binds. chokes.
i exhale it away, lighter my lungs expand.
we thought i drew you in love, but still im breathing
the signs are still smearing by
i am awake, but i slept on your imprint today
it felt ok too
he said, the moon is out for you
for you, darling, the city stays lit.
im compact in the brick town
the lines are straight, then dashed.
so i dance in and out of them.
my open palms tan with moonlight
one for one, my noise fades away.
color me darker, never been so light

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