Tuesday, July 7, 2009

dear blog

i will never abandon you again.

it's like i've touched off the face of the earth.
a lot of commotion going on. is that spelled correctly?
either way, life is still wonderful people.
i've been intensely busy with 2 jobs, photos to work my magic on, and attempting to stay in shape. meh.

i am greatly blessed. and i wish to share my thoughts i had while meditating on a recent trip i took to utah. it was wonderful to have some time to myself. i picked up my pen and finally opened my journal again. and these are the things that make me happy. well i must read my scriptures and sleep. there is a pain in my right shoulder. and i look over and see my handsome boyfriend stare at the tv.

i promise to update you soon.
for now images must replace my words.


Jeannette said...

Hey, I have those same red shoes!! Gotta love payless:)

desiredshots PHOTOGRAPHY said...

woohoo!! =]