Sunday, December 7, 2008

.My Siblings and Cousins.

Today I did a little shoot with my siblings and cousins for a Christmas present for our grandma. Vasona Park proved to be a super fun location! Thanks to my brother, Ryan, for helping us out =]


Andi said...

SuPERCute family Desiree! and that park is GORGEOUS!! LuCky!! I am so glad you came to Thanksgiving with Bradd, it was so nice to meet you! if you dont mind i will be checking your blog often ;)

The Coopers said...

Hey, I found your blog! Im so glad you have one, its my new found way of keeping in touch, I love it. I love that your getting into photography, you should totally keep up with it. I miss you girl, millions times infinity!

desiredshots PHOTOGRAPHY said...

jeannette thanks for the love! i miss you terribly. glad your following my work. im going to call you.