Wednesday, December 3, 2008

to:bradd, love:desiree

I suppose a blog is meant to share. Share whatever, share nothing, just share. I see it more as a free way to organize and compile my stuff that I don't wanna loose. Here's one thing I don't want to loose: a poem I wrote Bradd this summer. It is entirely written from letters that Bradd and I wrote one another in early 2006, when we first met. I took random lines from the letters and put them into a poem of sorts.

Pancakes in the Morning

There is something familiar about you

It’s like medicine to treat my homesickness

My clumsy words

My life’s pursuit

My ramshackle cobbling of words

A smile to your face

I just composed you

It’s like opening up an old clock

The first and last time we met

The most pleasant distraction

How I woke up all groggy this morning to a beautiful girl

To spew thoughts that we don’t normally share

Has subtly crept in and around all my defenses

I’ll be sure to praise this evening

One of those super ornate, hand-crafted ones

That sounds like something I’d write

Everybody has their nuances—

But it seems like ours keep overlapping

Using a secret force

I decided to jump in the crowd and get lost

I can’t explain why

From back when life was somehow simpler

You remember anything from this dream?

My mind is playin dirty tricks on my hands

Divulging your inner thoughts

An obsession with blankets

But alas, I’ve given away my secret weakness

I’d wager that you’ve grown since we met

Then you wind it and realize

We’re the same kind of crazy

And you disappear like a ninja

Which always has unfortunate timing

Thanks for the hospitality

Even though you don’t live there

We’ll pile a cone 9 scoops high if you want

That even after all this time

The only one I just can’t stand being away from

Some real tangling

Like puzzle pieces falling into place

Try not to fall asleep during them

It may well save your life one day

Cause we’re young and in love

It still works perfectly

Us driving anywhere together

You rarely make sense

But I am never confused

You’ll find someone that’s on the same page

But this time forever

Like the script for the best love story ever written

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