Friday, November 6, 2015

Baby Lady's Nursery

I have loved imagining my little girl in this nursery.  It has been so fun to create this little space for our family! I'm 37 weeks right now and it seems she'll be making her way into this world a little early! Our little lady is already so very loved!

Some have asked about the decor of the nursery:  crib: Babyletto   dresser and reading bench: Ikea   glider/recliner: Best Chair Bilana    felt ball garland: Sheep Farm Felt   quilt: made by my talented sister in law, Amy with Hello Bear Fabric      embroidery hoops, crib sheets, pillows and changing pad sheet made them myself and they were all relatively easy!

We frankly designed this nursery for relatively cheap and its my favorite room in the house! We splurged on the chair because I know I will be spending A LOT of hours in it. It swivels a full 360 so easily and is INSANELY comfortable AND it reclines.  Easiest/best purchase ever!

 I love hearing my husband walk by the nursery and stop and look around when he comes up to bed.  It's like hes checking on her already or looking around in anticipation.  Oh he has my heart! He's going to be such an amazing dad!

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