Friday, September 12, 2014

everything is awesome.

andy and i have been married for a whole 4 months now. 
and i somewhat despise two things that have been told to us/me.

1. "Oh, you guys are just in the honeymoon phase! soak it up! you'll know what i'm talking about later..."

maybe its because of our age or experiences (can I say maturity without sounding boisterous?), but we're not blinded right now..nor while we were dating.  We get in fights.  We have bad days.  We aren't all oogley eyed and mushy all the time.   Every time someone says comments like this to me, I want to go into detail about how unperfect it is.  And let me say, i love the way we are and our marriage.  We are not in lala land.  And we are so happy with that.  
and also, these comments people make sometimes make me worried that we ARE suppose to be PERFECT.

2. (before our wedding day) (in a serious tone like they're letting me in a BIG secret) "Marriage is just SO hard.  It's hard!"

Comments like this to young ladies before they get married probably sounds so awful and negative and scary.  And for some maybe they do need to know that marriage will take effort and WORK, but I really don't think marriage is miserable or hard.  It shouldn't be anyway.   Even in the worst of days with Andy and I, he still has made me the happiest woman ever to be his wife.  i still LOVE to be married to him and feel grateful for us.  Making an effort to work on your relationship and YOURSELF does take patience and sacrifice and effort and work, but it makes you happy and blesses you and is easy when you see how worth it it is.  

Marriage is awesome.
And to be married to an amazing person, like Andy, it makes any crap day completely worth humbling myself for.  

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