Tuesday, May 13, 2014

to be

my dear sweet husband to be leaves for a business trip for 6 weeks right after we get home from our honeymoon (i'll be basking in thunderstorms in the dominican republic this time next week!!)--so this means i am getting back to writing.

getting back to a lot of things.
like running.
and reading.
and genealogy work.
helping other people more.
and getting on my bike.

to name a few

in 5 days, i will be a married woman.
for so many years i have felt so ready, but always so far away from being married.
i have wanted it and have worked for it and have racked my brain on preparing.
and for 27 years, i have waited.  i have failed over and over.

and now, it all is right.
i get to win this time.
its frankly a strange and humbling feeling.

i feel so very lucky.
soo very lucky.
andy is such a good man.

i have dated good men but not like this.
i had come to the point where, inside, i talked myself into "needing to be OK" with a man somewhat less than what i really wanted.
i came to a point where i accepted that what my relationships were, was what my life would be.

i didn't think there was a real good man left, that i adored, that possibly loved me back.
i am truly humbled.
i feel thankful and blessed that such a good man, would love someone as imperfect and obviously flawed as i am.
i am honored to be marrying my sweet andy bell.  i love that boy to the moon n back.

images by tavis johnson photography


Kaeli said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! That is awesome! You deserve a good guy and I am so glad that is what you're getting. Love your dark hair too.

desiredshots PHOTOGRAPHY said...

thank you so much kaeli! you're so sweet! :)