Monday, September 9, 2013

a day at a time

have you ever been at a point in your life when you said, i just cant do this?
have you had a day (or days??? ugh) when you didnt know how you could get through the day?
when you knew you couldn't do it on your own?

it was like this when chad got sick.
it was like this when i went through my divorce.
when i went through a handful of significant and necessary trials over the course of the following years.
and i am thankful that i have been healthy enough and blessed enough with knowledge of where to turn.

i know that DAILY the Lord commands us to remember him.
how do you do this?

i am grateful. so so so very thankful for the journey ive been on the past 26 years.
im in love with my family and my talents and skills, for the opportunities ive been given, for the places ive seen, for the sweet people in my life, for my passions, for the body that can run, and for all of my heartaches.
im grateful that Jesus Christ has made it possible for me to be whole, to be complete
i know that the Holy Ghost can be close and dwell within me when i seek it DAILY

and this is my new goal.
to practice my dailies of nurturing my DAILY connection with my Savior

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