Thursday, July 18, 2013

Over You

one time
i drove on the freeway and this song came on.
i had sung it a hundred times without listening to it.

my heart was melted.
i let myself cry.
i thought of the snippets of memories of my brother
they flashed across my mind
like old film, like my dreams

i wish he got to have a wife and children.
i wish i could hear his laugh.
i wish he wasn't stuck how he is.
i just wish for God to be with him.

i miss my brother.
some days are more sad than others.
and in the end, i know that we will all be happy and together again.
and its all ok.

i am reminded this life is but just a small moment in the span of eternity.
and i feel blessed to be on this earth.
to have my family. to have the truth. to have a healthy body.

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