Thursday, November 26, 2009

turtle neck pie

i suppose it's the time of year for the thankful list post.
how did it come to be the the pilgrims and indians feast became about coming up with things to be thankful for? It should be like this everyday. i hope.
i guess thats where daily prayer comes in.

none the less =] im counting down the hours til that giant turkey in my kitchen gets cracked open. pepper potatoe sandwiches here i come!
p.s. MOM, your pie crust is out of this world. i snagged another cinnamon swirly deal.

im thankful for
my moms dark skin
the ability to run
the truth in my life
parents that led me down a good path
strangers smiles
my car that usually works
loyal friends
an education
black and white photos
cupcakes. and sprinkles
chats with my grandma
big chunky rings
the book of mormon and a way
laughing with my sisters
cozy pillows and sheets
my hair cut
grass in my toes

but mostly my family
and an eternal perspective

these things bring me joy. Heavenly Father has blessed me above and beyond what I deserve.

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