Tuesday, September 29, 2009

the city is for lovers

miss celeste and mister charles are my friends and a super fun couple! they've been together for over 7 years and both slaved away at the olive garden with me at one point or another. celeste makes cakes and other delicious almond flavored chocolately morsels that just tickle my fancy. contact me if you're in need of a specialty cake and i'll hook you up with her. =] she even made an ipod cake once. application in mah mouth. delish.

so yea. they're in love and charles is the cutest with her.
the end. or the beginning.


Andi said...

I love those!! gosh I wish I lived in the city!

desiredshots PHOTOGRAPHY said...

thanks andi! it is so much fun up there! so easy to shoot cuz everything is super rad and so close! come visit!