Monday, August 24, 2009

im on my way back

my sisters. are wonderful.
i wish you could see how funny my face is in this picture. even on the worst of days, this makes me laugh.

im on my way back to being on the path of happiness and progression. there are so many beautiful blessings in my life. perhaps if i dwell on these things more often, express such gratitude to my Heavenly Father, expound on my talents and passions, serve the Lord, and take quiet moments to ponder, I'll get there again soon. im already on my way.

i slept today to escape.
knowing my luck, i should have guessed- i had a dream that i was being chased by two huge, green dragon looking iguanas. is that what they are? either way, they were spiky and super fast. i was darting around them, but they played as a team. i watched some men i know golf next to me and not move to help. i grabbed a club and started swinging but never hit the speedy reptiles. frightening to be nipped in the legs by the dragons.
i woke up in a terrible sweat.
so that's how i begin one of the more rough days of my life
really? couldn't i have a dream that i was a princess in some beautiful castle and gorgeous purple lillies in the garden? no?

=] so to work it is!
life is still good

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